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Bob and Darlene's passion is traveling the world and photographing their underwater adventures. Whether you are a diver, a friend, a marine biologist, or just someone interested in the ocean, this website is our gift to you. photo1 The pictures on this home page are some random photos of our travels. If you refresh the screen new ones will appear. You can also select the photos link and search through our photographs by location, year, subject, scientific name or other critera. We also have slide shows of a few of our trips (currently these can only be seen on a pc). photo2 One of our favorite subjects are nudibranchs (sea slugs). We have photographed hundreds of them, each type being very unique. If you only want to look at nudibranchs you can search for them by setting the subject as nudibranch while you do a photo search. We also have provided a nudibranch finder to search by color, texture e.t.c. We hope you enjoy our website and do give us your feedback.